Holly Clough is a Singer-Songwriter who was born and raised in Rockland, Maine. As an artist she has appeared on various stages across the east coast, has recorded in Nashville, received placement in the highly acclaimed BMI Song Arts Academy, as well as been a nominated act at the New England Music Awards in Foxboro, Mass. 

As a fashion guru Holly was scouted by a branch of Wilhelmina for the Print and Runway division at age 18 but politely declined to continue to pursue her career as a songwriter. Holly also received placement in TV and film (Pitch Perfect 3, Nashville, Darkest Minds, Aladdin, etc.) but once again declined to pursue her music and career as a songwriter. 

Fashion In An Instant started as an Instagram Blog but grew to so much more that Holly wanted to capture it differently and make it more authentic to her. Holly is still pursuing here music career. More info can be found on 

'I think you'll just know when you know. what's right and wrong. Like when you're on your path and when you've veered off. You're gut is your guide and when it kicks in listen. It won't ever steer you wrong.' 

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