My Favorite Restaurants And What I Order To Feel My Best… 

NoBu (Malibu, CA) 

I love their custom veggie roll! I get cucumber, avocado, and asparagus. Then their signature salad with jalapeños dressing. It's so good! I literally have days where I crave their dressing so much that I would buy a plane ticket just to have lunch and sit on their deck! 

Meli Mello (Greenwich, CT) 

This is my favorite salad of all time! No joke…​ their apple cider vinegar dressing puts it over the top. It swear it taste like no other! Whenever I'm in Greenwich or Manhattan I have to stop! 

Tamarind (Tribeca, NY)  

I'm addicted to the Jalfrezi so much that I constantly am trying to make it at home! I can't make get it quite as good as theirs, so whenever I have a free night in Manhattan I make a dinner reservation, and get Jalfrezi with their signature monsoon. It's the closest thing I can get to my Caribbean Pina colada in the North. 

Hudson Market (Tribeca, NY)  

There is not one thing in this market I haven't tried! They have everything! I love their fresh fruit selection and chopped menu. Their grilled chicken over romaine is sooo good!

Polo Lounge (Beverly Hills, CA) 

The first time I ate at the Polo Lounge I was unaware that I ordered the most famous entree on the menu… I soon learned why the McCarthy salad was so famous. One, it looks amazing, and two, I've never had anything else like it! The avocado is SO fresh! 🥑 

The Smoothie Shack (Camden, ME)

I'm addicted to their signature The Hulk. It's like kale, spinach, oj, ginger, pineapple, and mango. It is sooo good! As soon as summer rolls around my sister and I hit the shack up. I have them add a scoop of spirulina to mine and it's perfect for an afternoon detox after my workout.

Whole Foods (Beverly Hills, CA and Portland, ME) 

No other Whole Foods makes roasted sweet potato like the Beverly Hills and Portland stores! Something about it is so good. I can't tell if it's the pepper or the honey, but it's so 👏! Whenever I grab dinner there there's always sweet potato on my plate. 

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