From My Recipe Book… 

At 16 I was diagnosed with an allergy to dairy. At 18 I was given an EpiPen. I got a wake up call real real fast about what nutrition and the effects it could have on my body. I had to completely overhaul my lifestyle. I look at it now and I wouldn't change a thing. I'm healthy. I feel good. and I know myself inside and out better than I ever have! Even though somedays it became a battle for me, I wouldn't change a minute of it, or a day as who I am. Below are some of my favorite recipes you can find me pumping out of my kitchen on any given day…


Egg White Omelette w/Avocado and Pepper


Detox Salad 

Italian Pasta Salad

Squash Fries 


Honey Roasted Sweet Potato 

Falafel Slider



Sweet Potato Toast 


Chocolate Energy Balls 


Spirulina Detox Shake

Spa Water 

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