At the end of the day my body is all I have. It's the longest running relationship I'm ever going to have and therefore I should make my best effort to know it better than anyone. I should give it love. Nourish it. And listen to what it needs. 

I look at health and fitness that way. Food is my medicine and fuel. Exercise is my reward for making it through all the craziness life throws at me. 


My routine and lifestyle is tailored for me. It's taken me years and years of learning and understand to know what works and what doesn't work. I'll always be evolving, growing, learning, and bettering myself and I'm so proud and beyond excited knowing that.

However, these are a few of my tips, tricks, recipes, experiences, and blogs of how I stay fit happy and healthy… 

Love Always! 


Yoga Poses I Use To Lengthen And Tone

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